Jamf Pro Training Online

Get Jamf certified remotely with official Jamf Pro online training.

We are teaching the UK’s only Jamf Pro virtual course from June 2020.

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About the Jamf Pro Virtual Course

Our official Jamf Pro online training is the ideal way to get Jamf certified wherever you are. Each virtual class is led by a Jamf-authorised trainer, with interaction via your computer’s microphone and webcam.

You will gain the exact same skills and certifications you would from a classroom-based Jamf course. The only difference is that the virtual course takes five days instead of four.

Spread the Cost of Jamf Training

Prefer to spread your Jamf course payment over several months?

No problem — just select the “Payl8r” option in our online shop.     See the details

Jamf 200 Virtual Dates — UK & European Time Zones

Apr 12-16, 2021 (CEST) Book
Apr 19-23, 2021 (BST) Book
May 10-14, 2021 (BST) Book
May 17-21, 2021 (BST) Book
May 31-Jun 4, 2021 (CEST) Book
Jun 7-11, 2021 (BST) Book
Jun 28-Jul 2, 2021 (BST) Book
Aug 2-6, 2021 (BST) Book
Aug 23-27, 2021 (BST) Book
Sep 6-10, 2021 (BST) Book
Sep 27-Oct 1, 2021 (BST) Book
To be confirmed

See Jamf 300 dates

Jamf 300 Virtual Dates — UK & European Time Zones

Apr 26-30, 2021 (BST) Book
May 3-7, 2021 (CEST) Book
May 24-28, 2021 (BST)


Jun 14-18, 2021 (CEST) Book
Jul 19-21, 2021 (BST) Book
Aug 16-20, 2021 (BST) Book
Sep 6-10, 2021 (CEST) Book
Date to be announced

See Jamf 400 dates

Jamf 400 Virtual Dates — UK & European Time Zones

May 17-21, 2021 (CEST) Book
Jun 21-25, 2021 (BST) Book
Jul 5-9, 2021 (CEST) Book
Aug 23-27, 2021 (CEST) Book
Sep 20-24, 2021 (BST) Book
Date to be announced

Online Jamf Training Requirements

Remote delivery means that the Jamf Pro virtual course has a few extra technical requirements. You will need the following:

  • A reliable internet connection, capable of receiving 1.0 Mbps and sending 1.5 Mbps
  • Unmanaged test macOS and iOS hardware, including:
    • A test (non-production) computer with macOS 10.15.4 or later with a functioning camera.
    • A test (non-production) iPad with iPadOS 13.0 or later.
  • An additional computer with a functioning camera is recommended for WebEx Training, but not required.